DialogGenerator for Insurance Companies

The internet has forever changed the insurance marketplace. Finding information online is now standard procedure and increasingly determines consumer behavior.

With DialogGenerator, complex insurance products are easier to explain and differentiate from your competitors. Persuasion works because of better and more personalized consultation service. Success is made possible through the active offering of relevant contents, which is an effective and mostly cost-neutral measure. Experience shows that 1/3 of online prospects want to engage in a direct consultation.

Research further shows that prospects initially contacted by telephone generate a better response. Positive personal contact strongly influences the conversion rate.

How the direct consultation is initiated and offered is important. The customer is lead (or filtered) through a previously defined topic query, and upon calling, the appropriate presentation is started by the agent. This allows the agent/ consultant to save time and start persuasion using relevant selling points appropriate to each individual customer.

1) Acquisition of Customers
     on the Website

2) Online-Marketing

  • Landing page with direct contact

    - Alternative offer of direct
      consultation signals service

    - Incentive for inquiries over the
      telephone can double the results

3) Customer Activation
      and Cross-Selling

  • E-mail Newsletter with Relevant Contents

    - Direct consultation specifically targeted
      with individual news topics

    - Surveys with incentives update
      the demand profile

    - Games with prizes require customer
      interaction over the telephone which
      generates direct contact

  • Drive-to-Web

    - Invite customer to a personal microsite
      with PURL (website.de/FirstnameName)
      by direct mail postcard or e-mail

    - Transaction documents contain a link
      to the personal website

    - Deliver a perfectly timed offer when the
      customer is online and shows interest
       in your products or services

4) Support for Agents / Brokers

  • DialogGenerator benefits Agents and Brokers

    - All calls to and from a customer can be
      easily transferred with one click into an
      online presentation

    - Customers are invited to a
      targeted online consultation

    - System ensures the agent makes use
      of authorized charts and contents