What is the idea behind DialogGenerator?
More and more consumers are looking for information online and purchasing decisions are being made more frequently over the internet. For this reason, businesses should consider online contact opportunities as one of their highest marketing priorities. DialogGenerator promotes direct contact with the customer with a targeted and relevant offer over the telephone while an online presentation runs simultaneously on the customer’s monitor.
What are DialogGenerator’s features?
DialogGenerator allows the consultant or call agent to show a presentation online and directly on the visitor’s computer monitor during a telephone call. The visual presentation of the product or solution creates a faster and more streamlined consultation while improving order and conversion rates and service quality.
How does DialogGenerator work?
The customer visits a website, microsite or landing page. DialogGenerator determines individual interest through click path or a query and offers relevant direct contact. Once the telephone call is made or received, the appropriate online presentation is shown on the customer's monitor.
Why does DialogGenerator improve conversion?
Selling an instant and relevant service based on the customer’s online behavior significantly improves offer acceptance. A relevant offer combines with an online presentation to help increase conversion many times over, depending on the specific situation.
Why is direct contact over the telephone advantageous?
Experience indicates that a first contact over the telephone leads to higher conversion rates. Plus, consultation over the telephone along with the visual demonstration of a product or service gives you the opportunity to up-sell and generate more sales. Personal contact can positively influence customer lifespan.
How are conflicts between cost-effective online procedures and additional telephone costs solved?
Calls are filtered by means of a previously defined query, only offering contact for specific and relevant topics to promote cost-savings. The consultant also saves time by getting into the offer topic immediately, delivering advice and visual support in a more efficient way. Ideally, the call offer should be made when a customer shows interest or when drop off is suspected. It has been proven that an early personal contact can dramatically improve conversion rates. And, if necessary, these filtered calls can also lead the customer back to the online process. An incentive can also build desire and enticement.
What are the advantages of telephone contact and online presentation?
A visually supported consultation allows easier product demonstration and explanation of complex benefits to help the customer better understand the solutions and offer presented. Complementing a telephone call with a vividly and visually captivating presentation leads to new telemarketing and online sales opportunities, and lets you create offers that are simply not possible with a strictly verbal approach.
What are the special advantages of DialogGenerator technology?
It’s the only presentation that can be made without additional software downloads or logins. The customer is required to do absolutely nothing, making the DialogGenerator concept practical and cost-efficient. The consultant uses previously drawn-up charts and pages for the presentation, ensuring a paced and well-controlled consultation process.
Why is DialogGenerator the alternative to telephone opt-in?
An opt-in is not necessary because of the direct contact. The customer calls directly or provides his / her telephone number for a direct callback. The authorization for calling originates from this situation—there is no need to confront the customer with an opt-in acceptance declaration.
How can DialogGenerator be used?
DialogGenerator is offered as service software for rental on a hosted server and contains the database-driven dynamic website/microsite and a professional call-center user-interface. The solution is fully available over the internet and is easily accessible by web browser. There is no costly investment in software licenses.
How much does DialogGenerator cost to use?
Invoicing for software depends on use and is therefore success related. There is a one-time setup fee, plus expenses related to the implementation of the dynamic website or microsite, and the development of the presentation charts and pages.
How is the concept for the website/microsite and online presentation implemented?
Based on your request, we draw up a concept proposal (test program included) and create the necessary microsite or landing page along with presentation charts or pages based on your existing marketing material. We also develop online or offline concepts to guide visitors to the DialogGenerator microsite.
How do I get started with DialogGenerator?
You can find information on a typical project under Start. Or call us directly for further information and an offer: 0049 711-99 3450