No Marketing Costs

You benefit from and take advantage of the online opportunity available. Approach the customer actively and offer direct contact. Win him/her over with perfectly timed service.


Optimum Timing

Sell when the customer is online and has the time to be engaged and respond. There is no better moment for a consultation. It’s the perfect service for the customer, and a cost-effective marketing tool and great sales opportunity for you.


More Conversion Through Relevance

Based on the interest determined online, embed an appropriate service offer for the customer. The relevance factor leads to a noticeably higher conversion.


Increase Sales with Monitor Presentation

Products can be demonstrated and solutions better explained through a visually supported consultation. More information is conveyed in a shorter amount of time with less effort on your part.


One-Click Presentation

The customer is not required to do anything. There is no software to download, no additional login necessary. As soon as the customer makes the call, the consultant starts the presentation on the customer’s computer screen. DialogGenerator is the only practical way to run an instant screen presentation in a cost-effective manner.


Automatic Opt-In

Overcome the hurdle of opt-in through direct contact. The customer actively requests a call from you or calls you directly. Online direct contact is the substitute for outbound telemarketing, which is no longer practical or economically feasible due to current and future legal restrictions.


Flexible and Easy to Use

DialogGenerator can be used easily on the internet. Costs will be calculated on a success-basis - there is no investment in software licenses.