DialogGenerator for B2B Marketing

The internet dominates decision-making for commercial purchases. Every advertisement must take this into account. Targeted customers are often sitting in front of a computer with website access only seconds away.

An online presentation optimizes contacts over the telephone and sales conversations. The best moment for the call is just when the targeted customer is engaged online with the offer in front of him. Targeted drive-to-web measures can force this action.

New opportunities come from the direct presentation on the customer’s computer screen. Products and solutions can be displayed and explained with attention-keeping visual support. Efficient demonstrations are possible without the cost associated with an on-site visit.

1) Acquisition of Customers
     on the Website

2) Online-Marketing

  • Landing page with direct contact

    - Offer direct consultation with
      monitor presentation

    - First contact over the telephone
      improves conversion

    - Special incentives for inquiries over
      the telephone can double the results

3) Customer Activation

  • Drive-to-web instead of making an outbound call

    - Invite to a personal microsite with PURL
      (website.de/FirstnameName) by direct mail
      postcard or e-mail

    - Deliver a perfectly timed offer when the
      customer is online and shows interest
      in your products or services

  • E-mail Newsletter with Relevant Contents

    - Direct consultation targeted with news topics
      specific to customer’s interests

    - Surveys with incentives update
      the demand profile

    - Games with prizes require customer
      interaction over the telephone which
      generates direct contact