DialogGenerator for Call Centers

Outbound calls to consumers are no longer practical. Few consumers will agree to an implicit offer over the telephone.

Thanks to current and future legal issues, outbound marketing will only be possible in cases where you’ve established a prior relationship with the customer and then, only in the category of the product or service they purchased.

The only alternative is the targeted generation of inbound calls. The basic rule—the more relevant the offer, the bigger the call rate. Harnessing the power of the internet now makes this possible. Specific interest can be determined online in real time, and based on that information, a relevant call offer can be made at the precise moment when the customer is interested and has time to respond.

» Telephone marketers can now benefit from this online potential. Call centers can take over the online calling as a service of their own, generate leads on behalf of their customer, acquire prospects and handle orders directly on the website.

The online presentation offers exciting new opportunities for the call center service. Products and solutions can be explained, demonstrated and sold with engaging visual support that strengthens demand.

1) Offer Inbound Services:
     telephone service with an
     online presentation

2) Online Marketing
     For Your Own Call Center

  • Generate inbound leads through your own online marketing and use for the client

    - Online games with instant prize
      notification over the telephone

    - E-mail measures with drive-to-web
      promotions and forcing of calls

    - Offer free solution presentations on the
      internet and generate participants
      as leads