DialogGenerator for Mail Orders

Today, over 50% of mail orders take place online, and that trend is expected to increase. Telephone services are often not utilized or even reactivated due to their cost. Starting a one-click presentation after a telephone call from an online visitor allows new strategies for cost management and marketing efficiency.

A telephone consultation with an accompanying monitor presentation can be used profitably for the acquisition of new customers during the initial contact or customer activation process. Additional products and accessories can be target-marketed to help increase profitability.

The call can be directed to the appropriate presentation either by segmentation or by a previously defined topic query. This allows the consultant to save time and start messaging using relevant contents tailored and segmented to each individual customer.

1) Acquisition of Customers
     on the Website

2) Optimize Conversion

3) Online-Marketing

  • Landing page with direct contact

    - Offer direct consultation along
      with an on-screen monitor presentation

    - First contact over the telephone
      improves conversion rate

    - Special incentive for telephone
      inquiries can double results

4) Customer Activation

  • Drive-to-web instead of making an outbound call

    - Invite customer to a personal microsite
      with PURL (website.de/FirstnameName) by
      direct mail postcard or e-mail

    - Invitation to a fashion show or
      product test with instant coupon

    - Deliver a perfectly timed offer when
      the customer is online and shows interest
      in your products or services

  • E-mail newsletter with relevant contents

    - Direct consultation targeted with
      news topics specific to customer’s interests

    - Survey with incentives updates
      the demand profile

    - Games with prizes claimed over
      the telephone generate direct contacts