DialogGenerator for Banks

Information obtained on the internet and through comparison tests are increasingly influencing purchase decisions. Banking products tend to be marketed exclusively on the internet in order to avoid the cost of telephone contact, although telephone marketing can significantly improve turnover if used correctly.

Customers contacted over the telephone can be successfully led back online. For example, after a short and successful telephone consultation, reward customers with a time-sensitive coupon they can redeem following the completion of the online process.

The fact is, 1/3 of all online prospects want a direct one-on-one consultation (except for loan prospects). Prospects first contacted over the telephone generally respond better to an offer, and this personal contact is shown to have a positive effect on the conversion rate.

The manner in which direct consultation is offered is important. The customer is lead (or filtered) through a previously defined topic query, and upon calling, the appropriate presentation is started by the agent. This allows the consultant to save time and start persuasion using relevant selling points appropriate to each individual customer.

1) Acquisition of Customers
     on the Website

2) Online-Marketing

  • Landing page with direct contact

    - Alternative offer of direct
      consultation signals service

    - Incentive for inquiries over the
      telephone can double the results

3) Customer Activation
     and Cross-Selling

  • Direct contact on transaction documents

    - Account statement and receipts linked
      to personal website with direct contact

  • Online banking logout promotion

    - Logout screen with a personal
      invitation to receive a direct consultation

    - Allows perfect just-in-time marketing
      with a high acceptance rate

    - Personalized offer with profile
      -linked incentive

  • E-mail newsletter with relevant contents

    - Direct consultation targeted
      with news topics specific to customer interests

    - Surveys with incentives update the
      demand profile

    - Games with prizes require customer
      interaction over the telephone which generates direct contact

  • Drive-to-Web

    - Invite customer to a personal microsite
      with PURL (website.de/FirstnameName)
      by direct mail postcard or e-mail

    - Transaction documents contain
      a link to the personal website